Sergio Rossi is launching the A/Muse web journal, a luxury experience in the history of the brand, a journey through its values and window onto its style and imagination, all conveyed through a passionate and exciting piece of storytelling.

The journal is a result of the company’s desire to reveal original content: it will look at the essence and inspiration of the brand and it’s way of being. It will involve friends of the brand and showcasing the brand DNA through interviews, photo shoots, videos, editorial tips and lots more.

A/Muse aims as much to amuse as to extol the brand’s natural affinity with the feminine concept of “to be a muse”.

The journal is edited by the Studio Blanco agency, in collaboration with the Sergio Rossi team. Going live on 9th July, A/Muse will be updated regularly, and welcomes publisher Martina Mondadori as the face of its launch.

A/Muse will bring increased unique editorial content to the website and social networks.


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