Tradition and Savoir-faire

There is a minimum of one hundred twenty steps before it is placed in a box with the Sergio Rossi name.
120 steps: men, women, eyes, hands, fingers, brains and skills that look, check, think, and critique. Men and women who love their work and who look for perfection and are not satisfied with anything else.

Craftsmanship meets technology

Technology, research, sophisticated machines, advanced quality control systems are everything a modern factory must have. Fundamentally, however, we remain artisans. It is luxury that demands and necessitates it.

Creativity takes form and becomes the emblem of femininity and elegance

Fabulous, feminine, yet extremely comfortable: together with an unequalled creativity, the mystery of shape slowly turns into character and a signature. A precious accessory, a symbol of style.

Photo credits: Emanuele Zamponi

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