With wide-reaching success, the brand had the means to achieve its ambitions. Advertising campaigns introduced the woman according to Sergio Rossi, an icon, showing the full measure of seduction. His philosophy was simple: to create beautiful shapes. To think of a shoe not as superimposed ornament but as the continuation of the body: well adjusted, comfortable, cosmetic, and designed for the movement of a contemporary woman.

The campaigns were a tribute to Helmut Newton, with whom Sergio Rossi shared a contemporary vision of femininity. The brand insisted on the importance of the heel – at least three inches high – gaving the leg its crucial energy and the female body a new stature.

Thirty years after the creation of the first shoes bearing his name, Sergio Rossi’s success is obvious and measurable, attracting international attention and red carpet renown. In 1999, Gucci Group finalized the acquisition of the Sergio Rossi brand and started opening numerous prestigious boutiques accross the globe, establishing the brand as a real worldwide phenomenon