Sergio Rossi Launches Luxurious Eco-Friendly Packaging for Spring Summer 2012

In its commitment to ecological development, Sergio Rossi is launching with SS12 products a completely newly-designed packaging, unique and luxurious in line with its renewed bold image, realized and produced with materials and processes characterized by a minimal environmental impact.

No more laminated surfaces and beige and white colors like the previous concept store; they were replaced by the subtle contrast between a recyclable beater dyed dark blue paper and the Sergio Rossi golden signature. All the paper has been Forest Stewardship Council certified meaning that where paper has been consumed, trees are being replanted.

The cotton shoe bags were replaced by luxurious satin ones, less energy intensive to produce, and voluptuous woven ribbons offer the shopping bag a luxurious final touch. Moreover, this new packaging involves processes of production that have a reduced environmental stamp in terms of carbon footprint. Compared to the previous one, the reduction of CO2 emissions is equal to 19%. Christophe Mélard, CEO of Sergio Rossi, says “Today, every leading brand has to feel some responsibility towards the community and the environment. Not only the products and services they offer matter, but also the processes they chose to undertake to be as respectful as possible of the planet. Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental and Sergio Rossi is committed to it.”

In the past few years, Sergio Rossi has taken a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact: from the strict control of the supply chain to ban the use of substances of high concern in the treatment of the materials, to the efforts to have a less energy intensive factory, it is a continuous concern for Sergio Rossi that works every day for a better future.

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