Sergio Rossi Men’s Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Aesthetic evolutions and radical influences emerge as tradition experiments with extremes.

The Sergio Rossi men’s collection sets off on an original introspective journey exploring different yet complimentary style, instilling new vigor into the language of men’s footwear. The collection, designed by Creative Director Francesco Russo, analyzes the mutable, mutlti-form nature of the contemporary man to create a process of aesthetic morphing that gradually transforms the extreme elegance of formal footwear into glam-rock bursts of comfortable casual shoes. A blend of different styles generates a delicate “crescendo” that leads to unusual contrasts and bold idiosyncratic combinations.

The point of departure is always authentic formal attire. Traditional silhouettes made of fine leather reveal the three-dimensionality of the shoe-making trade. The color palette based on traditional shades of black, brown, and burgundy is accentuated with a refreshing splash of vibrant blue canard and elegant smoky gray in boldly alternating subtle two-tones with rebellious acid hues. More intense, Latin rhythms define new silhouettes of traditional forms where intricate studded details alternate with curved heels inspired by the world of tango.

The Sergio Rossi man is not fond of convention and he knows how to re-interpret the rules of good taste. Thus why he chooses to wear rubber combined with sturdy calf leather uppers on hybrid shoes dyed in primary colors as functional outdoor options. Bohemian sets the mood for casual footwear. A new, relaxed elegance combines with informal style in comfortable driving shoes or soft espadrilles and fringe in earthy hues.

Italian artisanal skills enhance techniques apparent in each style.


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