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Create your sr1

Discover the special selection of materials, colors and accessories, and personalize your exclusive pair of sr1s. Make yours unique and find the combination that perfectly expresses your style.

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The sr1 Running

Choose the exclusivity of a pair of sr1 Running sneakers, a key piece for unique urban-chic looks. Play around with material and colour pairings and add a pop of bright colour with appliqué details to transform the energy of the city into pure style.

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The sr1 pump

Fall in love with the silhouette of the sr1 pump and personalize them with your favorite colors, to give a unique touch to your look. Choose from the contemporary mid heel or the sophisticated high-heel, for romantic, chic elegance.

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The sr1 slipper

The sophisticated daywear slipper is the signature model from the sr1 line. The square toe and embellished tongue featuring the iconic plate add elegance to a piece that will become the symbol of your unique taste.

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The sr1 Addict

Choose essential design of an ideal sr1 Addict for a statement look. Play with material and color combinations and add a bright touch with appliqués to turn the energy of the metropolis into pure style.

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The Godiva

The iconic pointed Godiva pump with a high heel confirms itself as timeless accessory that you can wear from morning to night. Choose your style to give a unique touch to your look.

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The SI Rossi

Eclectic style is taken to the extreme in this statement model with a staggering heel and rounded cross-over straps.Personalize your SI ROSSI with your favorite colors and material, to give a unique touch to your look.

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SR1 Sandal

Customize your sr1 sandal with geometric midi heel and contemporary squared toe. Play around with material and colour pairings to light up your outfit.

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