sr1 Neo Romantic


Romantic modernism. Edgy. Sleek. Minimalist even when ornamental.


The new sr1 collection by Sergio Rossi dives into the heritage of the brand taking inspiration from the image and the myth of the second half of the Nineties – the same years that led to the sophisticated abstraction of fashion and style of which the brand was a key part of.

At its third season sr1 becomes a classic: a neutral canvas to draw new aesthetics on. The inlay becomes more feminine with a combination of metal hues in pink and blue. The concept of an abstract line, typical of the Nineties, and the desire to turn couture into transparency are the basis of the new collection ornaments.
First of all the pointy toe: sharp, striking, and strong with reference to the original 1997 creation by Sergio Rossi. Crystals mounted on mirrored bolts redefine the idea of the stud. Mary Jane models are brought to life from the archives, while the color palette ranges without hesitation throughout the shades of Citron, Raspberry, Blue Lagoon, Powder Pink and Black.