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Mules and sabots confirm themself as the timeless accessory of female wardrobes. These amazing shoes, with their minimal and sophisticated design, are a must have designed by Sergio Rossi at the top of their femininity.

High heel mules and sabots are a passpartout for every occasion: elegant in daytime and casual for a night out. Choose them to give a stylish touch to all your outfits.

Medium heels mule shoes and sabots are perfect for an all-day-long outfit: they will make you stand out in formal occasions and will give lightness to your everyday style.

If you want to be casual but chic at the same time, check out the dressy low heel mules: metallic details and refined materials will give personality and glam shades to your everyday look.

If you want to be chic without heels, our super flat mules and sabot shoes will win you over. Also in this case, details are essential to make you shine: squared toe and rich details will complete your essential outfits.

Speaking of super flat design, do not miss the collection of elegant ballet flats and loafers.