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Women's luxury shoes

Eternally synonymous with artisanal elegance, dynamism and contemporary style, the sophisticated women's Sergio Rossi shoes are designed to meet your needs and stand out from the crowd, whatever the time of day.

Court heels

Court heels 130

Iconic. Classic. Gorgeous. Sergio Rossi court heels have always meant strong elegance. With a slim cut and ultra-functional heels, they take any look next-level.

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Slingbacks 41

Elegant shapes, high-quality materials and sophisticated colours make slingbacks the perfect shoe for any time of day. Versatile and refined, they are the perfect addition to the sophisticated and modern woman's wardrobe.

Ballet flats and loafers

Ballet flats and loafers 81

Inspired by glamour, eclectic shades and a super-flat design: Sergio Rossi ballet flats and loafers perfectly embody design, balance and elegance A shoe with a glamorous twist and a supremely nonchalant day-to-night wear.


Sandals 148

With a pair of Sergio Rossi ladies' sandals you can feel one step ahead in any season. Elegant T-bar sandals, flat and light with a modern appeal, jewelled sandals or sandals with a refined geometric heel for a casual elegance suited to any time of day.

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Mules and Sabots

Mules and Sabots 20

Eclectic and feminine: Sergio Rossi ladies' mules and sabots are the staple shoes of excellence. Whether they are worn in the office or at a cocktail party, they enhance feminine style with elegance and sophistication.


Wedges 12

Sergio Rossi ladies' wedges are the perfect addition to the weekend-away look or to give a unique twist to the city look. Sophisticated shapes and modern details redefine this classic item to bring it up to date with modern tastes.


Booties 36

Low, squared heel or daring, ultra-high stiletto? Whatever your preference, the collection of Sergio Rossi ladies' booties and calf-length boots portray everyday style with flair and sophistication. Unique details adorn the leather and suede uppers for a modern, all-day look.

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Boots 6

Smooth, stretch nappa leather, irresistible suede and elegant velvet to give your legs an irresistible charm. High, tight-fitting cuissard boots, perfect for special nights out, or comfortable knee-high boots with a chunky heel for an all-day chic look. Whatever the style, Sergio Rossi ladies' boots provide class and elegance at any time of day.

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Sneakers 31

Sergio Rossi's sneakers have all the urban, futuristic feels – and fierce female glam. Colorful textures and dressy details get to work on comfy, ergonomic design for bang-on sports chic style.

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